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  • Apple v. Samsung: Expert Opinions (Asia-Pacific Global – featured)

    August 29th, 2012  by  Asia-Pacific Global Research Group - Jasper Kim

    Jasper Kim of Asia-Pacific Global Research Group has been featured in the BBC in its piece today in its “Expert Opinion” section relating to the Apple-Samsung patent verdict:


    Apple-Samsung patent verdict: Expert opinions


    Future wars?

    Jasper Kim, the founder of theSeoul-based Asia-Pacific Global Research Group, says South Koreans may perceive the ruling as unfair because the trial took place in the US – and such sentiment could trigger a patriotic backlash against Apple products.

    I believe the ruling is not the end of the Apple-Samsung lawsuit war; instead it may be the beginning.

    In the past, Apple was identified less as an American company, and more as a technology giant – but that may soon change.

    What Apple risks is an anti-Apple, anti-US double backlash effect in a country that has surprisingly been fond of Apple products. I say surprisingly because the rapid rise in popularity of iPhones and iPads happened in Samsung’s own backyard.

    An anti-Apple sentiment could undo all of that and negatively affect sales of the next edition iPhone here.

    Samsung may also request that certain Apple products be banned in South Korea in the future.

    At the same time, the South Korean firm can in theory appeal at least two more times against the US ruling; to the US appellate court and then to the US Supreme Court.

    So while the judgment has shifted the momentum of the legal tussle between the two rivals significantly towards Apple, the celebrations may need to to wait for a while.

    Apple has won the battle, but it has yet to win the legal war against Samsung.



    apple v. samsung

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