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  • South Korean President Visit To Disputed Dokdo Islets

    August 10th, 2012  by  Asia-Pacific Global Research Group - Jasper Kim

    The South Korean president goes to Dokdo (a disputed island between S. Korea and Japan) – not a bad strategic move, as I mention in my quote in today’s recent VOA (Voice of America) article below. Implementing the patriot card of visiting Dokdo – a disputed islet between S. Korea and Japan – is a “no lose” strategy for the president who is only months away from the end of his term. This is the first Korean president to visit Dokdo. And we can be sure that it will be the beginning of renewed escalated tensions between the two countries. Meanwhile, the U.S. is caught in an awkward position of having to take sides among two very important allies in NE Asia.

    – Jasper Kim (8.10.2012)

    Voice of America article

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