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  • REPIVOT strategic negotiation framework: the easy way to sway

    March 7th, 2013  by  Asia-Pacific Global Research Group - Jasper Kim

    REPIVOT strategic negotiation framework:
    For those interested in maximizing bargaining outcomes, the REPIVOT strategic negotiation framework (created by Jasper Kim) is recommended as a starting point in negotiation scenarios. The REPIVOT strategy can be leveraged to create value as well as mitigate negotiator’s remorse and tit-for-tat (TFT), lose-lose scenarios at the institutional, state, or individual level.
    Specifically, REPIVOT is a function of:
    Relationships: assessing how to create short and/or long-term value-added relationships
    Emotions: understanding how emotions act as “invisible influencers” when negotiating
    Positions: positions (price, quantity, time) are a small but highly “visible influencer”
    Interests: interests (often invisible) are the rationale for the party’s position (which are subdivided into shared, conflicting, and complementary interests)
    Values: values are both subjective and objective possibly different from your own
    Options: collaborating and brainstorming with the other side(s) for mutual gain
    Trust: creating sway, influence, and persuasion to get others to “want what you want”
    Each of the REPIVOT input factors are based on a database consisting of scientific research and findings from the world’s leading experts, journals, and studies in a cross-border, cross-disciplinary perspective, including psychology, law, economics, biology, sociology, and business, among others.
    The value (economic and non-economic) created by the REPIVOT framework should be weighed against one’s BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement).
    – If REPIVOT value (opportunity 2) > BATNA value (opportunity 1), say “yes” to the 2nd opportunity
    – If REPIVOT value (opportunity 2) < BATNA value (opportunity 1), say "no" to the 2nd opportunity   The REPIVOT strategic negotiation framework is copyrighted by Jasper Kim and the Asia-Pacific Global Research Group.   For related consultation workshops and/or negotiation services, please contact the Asia-Pacific Global Research Group.        

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