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  • Negotiating in Asia: Assembling Your East-West Dream Team (Tip #1)

    October 24th, 2013  by  Asia-Pacific Global Research Group - Jasper Kim

    Negotiating in Asia or with Asian counterparties?
    This blog series provides relevant strategic “tips” to guide in terms of the substance and style of assembling your East-West negotiation dream team.
    Tip #1 – Degrees Matter: Asian counterparties in both the public and private sectors generally consider educated persons in the most favorable light. This is in part due to the high regard for historical and modern-day exam-taking (to gain entrance into Asia’s elite educational institutions and coveted career positions). While those in the West may view too much education as unnecessary if seen as not directly relevant to the individual’s direct career arc, the pursuit of more education is generally considered to be a good thing by many Asian counterparties. Such educational attainment will generally be interpreted in the form of academic degrees earned. For this reason, your negotiation team should, to the extent possible, be composed of individuals who have attained not only university degrees (ideally from the more renowned institutions), but those with graduate degrees, particularly doctorate holders. Such team composition could lead to a bargaining advantage since such degree holders are viewed with a substantial amount of greater deference in most parts of Asia.

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