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    • Asia's Leading Negotion Group
  • Asia-Pacific Global Research Group is a leading negotiation strategy, training and advisory group for Asia, Asian counterparties, Asian clients, and East-West cross-border transactions.

    Negotiation strategy involves structured decision-making processes to get to "yes" or "no." Our research, analysis and training is based on a proprietary model that includes the most relevant and cutting-edge data, metrics, academic studies and publications available worldwide. As a result, our knowledge, research and services deliver value-added outcomes, opportunities, and bottom line results towards "getting what you want."

    Our Group's negotiation analysis also integrates the uniquely cultural "invisible influencers" that can make or break a deal or business relationship--verbal and nonverbal communication, psychology, and context--impacting persuasion, sway, and influence. This includes providing a value-added "Asian lens" related to research issues and transactions involving Asia and Asian organizations.

    Our proprietary negotiation strategies can be applied to a wide variety of situations--including dispute settlement techniques regarding past deals as well as transaction planning regarding current and future deals.

    With each minute, an opportunity arises. So unlock that opportunity to create value in your next negotiation.

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